Halloween Hoedown

  • Hosted by The Emporium
  • Milford, CT -

The Kink Emporium presents our Halloween Hoedown on October 15th, 2022, at the Farm in Milford, CT. This event being our first-year Halloween party, we wanted to do something special and memorable to keep you coming back. 

Please Note: Sales are final with no refunds due to limited space availability. 

The theme for this year is “The Wild West”! Everything from Deadwood Brothels to Barbary Coast red light district and in between. Dress in your best corsets, cowboy boots, and ponchos (or any fetish wear you wish to strap into). While costumes are highly encouraged (we are having a contest, after all), they are not required for this event. 

Special Events

Our education group Kink Haven will hold a “Scenes & Negotiations for Beginners” class to kick off the event. This 45-minute presentation will walk event-goers, new and old, through some proper tips on how to prepare, initiate, and close a scene. (9:00 PM) 

Join our wonderful host Foxy in our Strip Poker Tournament. Think you have the skills? Willing to put it ALL on the line. Compete till it all comes off. More on the game soon. Win a Texas Hold’em set and the admiration of all the naked people around you. (10:00 PM) 

Our Costume Contest will celebrate the evening's unique, creative, and sexiest costumes. The Kink Emporium Council will be out and about giving tickets to those they deem to have the most fabulous attire. At midnight we will gather all those chosen to give one final showing. Awards will be given to the best costumes across four categories. (12:00 AM) 

Exotic/Kinky Pumpkin Creation Contest. This will be an ongoing event throughout the evening, with a winner chosen at the witching hour. A pack of spooky and horror-themed games will be given for the best pumpkin. Bring a pumpkin from home to enter or paint on at the event. Limited amount of pumpkins, so enter early on-site) 

Other Attractions

On-Site Rig. For all your rope and suspension needs, our rig will be back. 

St. Andrews Cross. What is a scene without one? 

In addition, you will find all the trademarks of a Kink Emporium event with play areas, dancing, and more. We will have dungeon monitors on sight to ensure a safe play event. Our events are an excellent installation of sex positivity, sensation, and community building. Scenes are welcome and encouraged. There will be sectioned areas for impact play, a swingers section, and a suspension rig. 

Our Event Rules can also be found here:

So saddle up ( with a partner )? for a ride you soon won’t forget! As this is a farm, please wear comfortable footwear and dress vanilla when arriving; we have areas to change once on-premise. 

Cum and tumble in the hay at the Kink Emporium Farm 

Wrassle up your event memberships while they last & join the Host(eses) with the mostest along with our friends from Kink Haven!





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