HAYWARD Platonic Touch Workshop: June 4th Edition

  • Hosted by Cuddle Party
  • Hayward, CA -

This workshop and social event offers participants opportunities to learn about and practice communication skills, explore consent, and discover the power of platonic touch. Attendees will practice identifying and asking for what they want, saying no to what they don’t want and yes to what they do want, and experimenting with platonic touch in a safe, inclusive, and nurturing environment. If you...

  • have been suffering from skin hunger and lack of touch in your life
  • desire physical contact with other people in a non-sexual way
  • long for nurturing and healing touch
  • need a safe place to relax and rejuvenate
  • are looking to connect with an inspiring and welcoming community
  • want to stretch out of your comfort zone
  • often find yourself in the role of caretaker, but need a turn to be taken care of
  • have no idea how to answer the question "what kind of touch do you like?"
  • feel overwhelmed by both a desire for connection and a desire to run away from connection

....then our Platonic Touch Workshop & Practice may be just what you have been looking for!

More details about this event:

WHAT TO EXPECT: Participants will be required to take a rapid antigen Covid test upon arrival (provided). Once they have received a negative result, they will be escorted into the workshop space. The welcome circle and workshop will introduce participants to one another and offer guided exercises and support to practice communication skills. Afterwards, there will be approximately two hours available for practicing touch, eating snacks, or just hanging out. Our event ends a few minutes before 6:00pm with a brief closing circle.

PUNCTUALITY: Allow time for losing your keys and getting caught in traffic and looking for parking in order to be on time. Doors open at 1:00pm and close PROMPTLY at 1:30pm. In order to provide a safe and respectful environment for all participants, there will be no admittance after 1:30pm.

PARKING: There is ample parking in within 2 blocks of the home. It is a 15 minute bus ride plus a 15 minute walk from either Bay Fair BART or Hayward BART. Allow extra time to find parking!

ACCESSIBILITY: No pets live in the home. There is one flight of stairs to climb to attend the event. All gender restroom.

CLOTHING: Wear pajamas or comfortable lounge wear. Shoes are not allowed in the carpeted space where we will be gathering.

FOOD & BEVERAGE: Please bring a snack, a potluck dish, or non-alcoholic beverages to share with the group in the kitchen area.

PERSONAL HYGIENE: Avoid perfumes or any other strongly scented products, as some people may be sensitive to these. Make sure you have showered or bathed recently.

TICKETS: You must reserve your spot by purchasing a ticket through Eventbrite. Once you have purchased your ticket, you will receive a confirmation email with exact location details. Your email address will also be added to the Platonic Touch email list, so you can receive emails about upcoming events, as well as links to register. You can unsubscribe to this list at any time.

FINANCIAL AID: If you are facing financial hardship, I invite you to use the promo code SUPPORT to get a 50% discount on your ticket. There are a limited number of these discounted tickets available, so please only apply it if you need the discount in order to attend.

ABOUT ME: I am a Certified Cuddle Party Facilitator. I also have more than ten years experience working in the field of early childhood and parent education which help me bring empathy, compassion, clarity, creativity and strong leadership into my role as a Cuddle Party Facilitator. I love creating safe spaces for people to connect to themselves and each other.

To learn more about Cuddle Parties, click here: (I choose to call my events Platonic Touch Workshops & Practice because I have found that the term "cuddle party" can be intimidating to individuals new to the world of platonic touch. It's important to me that my events appeal to a broad spectrum of people and feel safe for everyone. If you are feeling intimidated about attending, please know that one of the foundational rules of our events is that you never have to touch anyone you don't want to, ever. In fact, not touching or cuddling is always an available and viable option. Aside from practicing touch, there is also space for chatting, writing, coloring, reading, napping, and eating snacks!)

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please message me through Eventbrite.

All good things, Autumn Vandiver

About our ticketing procedure: This event is gender balanced. Due to the high demand for men's tickets, men will be automatically waitlisted and several random drawings will be held before the event. You will be notified if you have been assigned a ticket and will have 24 hours to claim it before it is offered to the next randomly assigned person on the waiting list.

About admittance: Only fully covid vaccinated folks (two weeks out from your final dose vaccine) may attend this event. Proof of vaccination is required. If you do not provide proof of vaccination, you will not be allowed in to this event. In addition, participants will be required to take a rapid antigen covid test upon arrival. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate how to gather safely in our new world.

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