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Once every other month 4th Mondays 7-9pm

These gathering will be used to practice the High Protocol skills that are a part of our manual and events. They are also an opportunity for anyone looking to be vetted as a member.

**The immersive will now be every other month on the 4th Monday. Online discussion/support group will be held on opposite months (same day/time).**

Essentially it's a dungeon based munch to practice verbal & social etiquette from the HPR Manual!

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Fetlife event page:

Want to see who's going, match, chat, and meet the community? Check out HIGH PROTOCOL REVIVAL IMMERSIVE! on the Bloom Community app: 

W/we will be creating a social environment with things in place for practicing. For example - we will have snacks and drinks on hand so service can be experienced. 

This is meant to be a more casual setting (as opposed to a High Protocol event) to experience and practice being in a space where High Protocol is learned. Questions and asks for help are encouraged!

Attending is also part of the requirement to becoming a member for access to future parties!

All are welcome - no matter gender, orientation, partnered, or unpartnered!



If you are coming from the 110 please be aware there are TWO Athens Way streets - DO NOT TURN ON THE FIRST ATHENS - TURN ON THE 2ND ATHENS JUST PAST THE TRAIN TRACK.

Parking is street parking and much like the old venue, the earlier you arrive the easier it will be to find a spot! The opposite side of Athens is no parking, however, most other white curbs up and down the surrounding streets are ok to park on.

There are many RVs parked near and around the area. Note: Sanctuary has made friends with many of the surrounding businesses as well as the people who reside in the RVs just outside of the venue. (They have been very friendly!)

**If possible it's a great idea to carpool or uber there as well!


If you would like to be escorted to your car when you're leaving, please let the front desk know and Garland (assistant manager) will walk you to your car or they will find someone who can!

(Sanctuary is working on getting a valet service but not sure when that will be avail yet)

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