HMU Academy: How to make latex booty shorts

  • Hosted by Hit Me Up
  • New York, NY -

Hit Me Up presents: Learn to Make Latex: Booty Shorts, with Kirsten Li

Do you love latex? Take your relationship with this magical material to the next level by learning how to craft it! Renowned NYC latex designer Kirsten Li will guide you through the process of creating your very own booty shorts, sized to your body. Learn how to measure, cut, glue, and even decorate with an expert in the field—and take home a new piece for your wardrobe at the end of the night!

All materials and tools will be provided and are included in the ticket price. You just need to show up ready to learn, and Kirsten will handle the rest.

Please note available patterns are in sizes XS-XL (generally matches your underwear size). If you are looking for something outside that range please contact for more information BEFORE purchasing a ticket. 

✨Volunteer: limited volunteer spots available in exchange for a half-priced ticket. Please email to express interest. 

✨Dress code: Comfortable, no nudity allowed.

✨Full Covid vaccination is required for this event. While we recommend getting the booster shots, we are not requiring them at this time.

✨Consent Policy: This is an ASK FIRST event and the rules of respectful and consensual behavior WILL be enforced. You will be responsible for reading the policy and behaving appropriately. Please click here to read our consent policy in full.

✨Membership: This event is open to the public. Hit Me Up also hosts private events which are invite only, and anyone new to Hit Me Up must apply and be approved to attend—no guests or plus ones. If you’d like to apply or invite a new member, please fill out this form: Hit Me Up New Member Application. You are welcome to inquire as to your status or that of your friends, but please do not act as if you have an entitlement to access our space or members. Building special spaces is hard, and while we are inclusive and welcoming, we reserve the right to curate our membership as needed to maintain our flourishing community.

✨Accessibility: This event requires walking up two floors of stairs to access.

Please stay home if you are feeling ill or if you have had recent close contact with someone who tested Covid positive (within the past 5 days). You could be incubating and still test negative. Any requests for refunds for any reason will be honored up to the day of the party. Remember: safe, sane, and sanitary Just email and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. 

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