How to Build the Perfect Sensual Scene

In this 75 minute workshop, you will be guided into and through how to activate all 5 senses to build a sensual scene for pleasure + play. Guests will learn how to tap into their creativity by using soft skills like negotiation as foreplay and designing a setting for heightening body-centered experiences with oneself or when shared with another. Discover how to use what you have available around the house to set a mood that beckons for more sultry and sensual play by curating sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.

Come alone or with a lover and learn how to:

- Design a space for sensual connection and foreplay with things you have around the house

- Drop into your body through movement, touch, simple breath practices

- Warm up your own body and the body of your lover by targeting and amplify the feeling of sensations one at a time

- Tips on curating or finding a playlist to set the mood

- A yes/no/maybe checklist to help cultivate connection, conversation + play

- Wishlist for low cost ideas of other sensual accessories to explore 

For all people. Come solo with a partner. Tools can be useful for people in relarionships or people who want to share their sensual side with others even without the labels. Workshop facilitated for all genders and identities. If you have access needs or requests, please email euni prior to the workshop and she can incorporate some of the specific requests / suggestions into the outline or will reach out separately to discuss

*This workshop will be recorded and available to all ticket holders*

Host Bio:

euni (she/they) is a multi-disciplinary artist, facilitator, educator, and founder of Self Study. She guides embodied healing + intentional intimacy practices as a ritual. She incorporates cultural reverence, ecopsychology, herbal medicine, spiritual ideologies, and socioeconomic intersectionality to inform and inspire collaborative creative expression. Each experience is a personalized collaboration and a reciprocal relationship between the guide, the recipient, and the stored personal, generational, and ancestral knowledge. euni guides people into deeper self-connection and exploration using photography + art coupled with facilitated somatic practices and depth work that ignites healing. She uses trauma-centered connection, tantric principles, sensory play, and reiki + energy healing to support individuals, couples, and a variety of relationship dynamics. Each experience provides tools that evoke autonomy, discernment, and empowerment for those involved to lead their own healing journey.

Social: @euniquedeeann @selfstudylab