Humanist Gathering - "Embrace the Suck"

This week we're meeting at the "Courtyard"!

2892 Murray Ridge Rd, San Diego, CA 92123

(walk through the front yard to the backyard)

There's no question about it, getting things done is hard. And it'd sure be nice if there were some shortcuts. Well, there are some- they just involve going through the brambles, hiking over the steep part of the hill, and slogging through the mud. It's time to "embrace the suck"!

Come join us this week to learn more about the Aretéan Aim of Commitment; as well as to sing with us, eat some refreshing snacks, and best of all, get to meet other people who are committed to being their best selves!

Our doors open at 12:30pm for some light food and socializing, and then our meeting starts promptly at 1pm.

We also have a more casual follow-on "circle time" meeting after the main meeting. We'll discuss what Aretéanism is and how it is practiced in more technical detail; it's a great way to learn more about our organization and mission! Feel free to stay, or to show up separately for this meeting at 2:15pm if you're interested!

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