Hot & Healthy Erotic Humiliation

Workshop Description

Curious about humiliation kink? Do you wonder why some people are into being embarrassed, shamed, and degraded? Many steer clear of humiliation because it seems so extreme and cruel. While some enjoy emotionally heavy humiliation, this kink can take on many forms, including lighthearted and playful.

In this virtual workshop, Sunny Megatron deconstructs the physiological elements of erotic humiliation with the goal of helping you figure out what flavor gets your juices flowing. You’ll learn how to: negotiate consensual humiliation in your scenes and dynamics, gauge intensity levels ranging from playful embarrassment to hard-core degradation, keep the focus on emotional safety, build humiliation scenes with positive outcomes in mind, inject humor into your emotional play, and more. You will also receive erotic humiliation and BDSM scene negotiation mini-workbook mini-workbooks to use with partners or for self-discovery.

NOTE: While there will be opportunities to participate in exercises & ask questions, it's completely optional! Whether you choose to have your camera on, prefer to join with just your voice, engage in the text chat, or remain completely incognito is entirely up to you. My goal is to create a comfortable, inclusive environment that accommodates various learning styles & allows you to participate according to your comfort level. So, feel free to join in (or not) however you feel most at ease!

Closed captions are available for all Bloom virtual events.

This class WILL be recorded and available to view for 1 week. The class will be sent out the following day by 1pm EST.

Host Bio

Sunny Megatron is an award-winning Clinical Sexologist, BDSM & Certified Sexuality Educator, and media personality. She’s the host & executive producer of the Showtime original series, Sex with Sunny Megatron, co-hosts AASECT Award-winning American Sex Podcast and Open Deeply Podcast, and was 2021's XBIZ Sexpert of the Year. Currently, she’s the Editor-in-Chief of kink-focused Zipper Magazine.   

Known for her one-of-a-kind, build-your-own-adventure approach to sex, kink & relationships, Sunny coined the BDSM community catch-phrase, Kink is Customizable™. In her sell-out workshops, her unique brand of “edutainment” seamlessly combines her humorous teaching style, interactive exercises, and the latest sexuality research. Sunny’s passion is helping others overcome shame and find their power through play and pleasure. She’s also working on her first book, “Customizable Kink: A Strategic Guide to Adult Play.”