SUB-VERSIVE presents: Renaissance Faire inspired party

  • Hosted by SUB-VERSIVE
  • Los Angeles, CA -
  • 281 people on the list-

Travelers, the Renaissance Pleasure Faire is open once again. If you've been getting your costume ready for that event, keep it out for a second helping of Renaissance Festival vibes, now with a healthy dollop of kink sprinkled on top. The Venn diagram of people who are interested in Renaissance Festivals and kink is a circle. If you've ever gone to the Faire and thought "this is great, now let's make it kinky", this is the event for you. Bring your costumes and toys and maybe even your turkey legs from the Renaissance Faire and get medieval on someone's ass in our dungeon. Huzzah!

We at SUB-VERSIVE aim to cultivate a safe, comfortable, and fun environment for people of all genders, roles, and sexualities in the kink community. Consent is key to all interactions. If something needs attention or someone is making you uncomfortable, please let a dungeon monitor or member of the staff know. Don't hesitate to ask us questions if you're unsure about anything.

Snacks and soft drinks are provided. Bring your own alcohol and our bartender can make you a cocktail with common mixers. 3 drinks maximum. You must check your alcohol in with the bartender. No flasks allowed. Tips appreciated. No illegal substances. Smoking and vaping weed and nicotine products are permitted outside the building. Intoxication is not allowed.

Some edge play (except breath and knife play) is allowed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us ahead of time to get approval. Sexual activity is not permitted. All furniture must be cleaned after every scene. No phones out in the dungeon. You can use your phones in the lobby and outside the dungeon. If you want to take a picture you must get everyone's permission and have a dungeon monitor supervise.

The entrance to Legacy is in the alley behind the building next to two blue dumpsters. Look for the friendly security guard standing outside who will direct you to the right location. There is an inexpensive paid parking lot next to the dungeon and is free after 9pm. Street parking is also available.

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