“I’m Out!” Stepping Off the Relationship Escalator


When it comes to our relationships, we are familiar with the Relationship Escalator model: we fall in love, we call them “partner,” we move in together, and so on. But what would it look like if we divested from the socially prescribed escalator and began to form relationships on our own terms?

In this eye-opening workshop, Laura Boyle and Annie Undone will talk about why we need to divest from the relationship escalator to craft our most meaningful, committed, and beautiful relationships. Join us to begin your deconstruction!

Note: This class will be recorded and available for 30 days after the event for all ticket holders.


Laura Boyle is a queer, polyamorous parent, author, and relationship coach. She is constantly working to help folks discover the style of relationship that best suits the realities of their lives and needs. You can find her talking about nonmonogamy in bite-size form on social media and long-form on the Ready for Polyamory blog and podcast.

Annie Undone is a non-binary, queer educator and writer working to normalize diverse relationship experiences. She has practiced nearly every relationship style from monogamy to polyamory and is now a joyful Relationship Anarchist. All of her work is kink and sex positive. You can find her on Instagram @Annie_Undone