Impact Play, spank you very much.

Floggers, paddles and crops OH MY. Whether you're new to this play or an old pro, there's no getting away from a good old fashioned spank.

A special edition features a joint collaboration with 7 DOD and co-taught by Shayla Lange

For a double header. Come for Domming 101 beforehand by purchasing a dual ticket to attend the Impact Play workshop to follow!

IMPACT PLAY (N.) : Impact play is a practice in which one person (the bottom) is struck (usually repeatedly) by another person (the Top) for the gratification of either or both parties. Learn when and where impact play can be more useful / beneficial.

Whether someone is a pain sloot or a beginner, impact play can be a reward just as much as a punishment. Bring the art of the tease into your impact play. Based on methods your impact play can feel like a massage or like pins and needles.

In this IRL class we review different toys and methods of impact play. From floggers to canes to a good old fashioned hand spanking, learn how to utilize each tool on multiple parts of the body.

We will cover - Back, Booty, Between the legs, and the Chest.

Tools we will use: hand, fists, crop, floggers, paddle, canes

Lola, Shayla and a bottom will be both be on hand to answer questions and demonstrate some of their favorite tools and techniques.

This class is open to D-types, s-stypes, or none of the above type's and all genders and orientations. Feel free to spank/hit along with us on your person OR on yourself!

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