IN PERSON: Tips for Tops

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Curious about being an informed, empathetic, sought after top?

Want to be the sub of your dreams, but don't want to come off as an entitled a-hole, or worse yet, not give them what they really want?

Join Viola Parker and Natasha Strange in an evening dedicated to learning to step into your dominance no matter your gender presentation. This class aims to bringing more confident, informed dominants into the world. We will go over consent, negotiation and aftercare - the big three! We will also touch on kinky games people play, but most of our evening will be devoted to giving you the tools to be the dominant of their dreams.

This class is a conversation starter! Not everything will work for every situation. We are going to be talking about everything from what makes submissives feel physically and emotionally safe, to what REALLY turns them on.

We encourage participation from both dom & subs. Open to anyone on either side of the D/s equation. All genders presenations are welcome. There will be ample time for open discussion and questions.

About your educators

About Natasha Strange

Princessa Natasha Strange is a BDSM educator, published author, an aspiring queer cult leader, and a wicked minx with nearly 30 years experience in the world of kink and BDSM. As an educator, she excels at creating approachable spaces for people to explore scary, intimidating things through the use of puns and laughter. Her book, Kink for the Curious, is a whimsical activity book with puzzles and color pages, as well as solid information about kink and BDSM. You can read more about her at

About Viola Parker

Mistress Viola is a kinky queer BDSM obsessive with 13+ years of professional domination under her garters. Her popular monthly play party 50 Shades of STFU at Sanctuary has been fueling femmes and kinky queer energy since 2017. She is fiercely devoted to fostering kink community. You can read more about Mistress Viola at

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