Intro to Kink with Self Study

Learn the skills, vocabulary, and need to know information to confidently expand your intimacy journey.

Ready to explore your kinky side? Join us for an introductory workshop that will empower you to uncover the soft skills to move into any connection, scene or relationship dynamic with greater confidence.

During this workshop we will cover the basic things you should know before play begins such as:

Vetting + Finding Community


Informed Consent

Safety + Risk Profile

Pre Scene Prep + Aftercare

How to Ethically Navigate Different Types of Relationship Dynamics within Kink

We’ll hold space for learning, open discussion and end the workshop with a hard skills showcase of some of the most popular and accessible kinky activities to spark your curiosity for the demo workshops coming up in the Self Study x Embodied S<3x ed Series.

This workshop will be facilitated by euni of Self Study.

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