Intro to Play with Power & Gender through Dance

  • Sebastopol, CA -

a queer & trans intro to a 3 month kinky dance series for gender expansive folx in the sacred sexuality field

Are you queer, trans, or non binary, and interested in erotic liberation through gender exploration? Are you a sexuality professional or aspiring to become one? This is for you if you have already started your sacred sexuality journey and want to go deeper with peers in community!

Calling in queer, trans, sexuality professionals! This is for you if you:

  • are a dancer with contact improv or partner dance experience
  • are kinky with an interest in spiritual growth through Dominance & submission
  • seek new sensual and erotic connections (or you & a partner could attend & focus on each other)
  • love deconstructing white supremacy patriarchal monogamous culture to replace it with a culture of love
  • value secure attachment & conscious relationship design

Since 2016, I've been developing Play with Power & Gender through Dance. After touring this work across the U.S., Berlin, and Copenhagen, I am now interested in evolving this work to live and grow as a local community in Sebastapol. We had our first round of 8 sessions in early 2023! It was a tremendous success and I'm delighted to offer it again with a focus on queer and trans folx in the sacred sexuality field. The full series will take place Saturdays, Sept - Dec of 2023, the dates and details are emerging.

The intro includes:

  • the story of how I came to create this (ballet as my intro to kink)
  • a devotional performance ritual from one of my power exchange relationships
  • guided consensual dance duets to explore the archetypes of the Dominant and the submissive
  • an outline of the larger arc of this work
  • Q&A about the 3 month village


  • water bottle
  • knee pads

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Community care & disability inclusivity: We ask everyone to take a rapid covid test within 2 hours of arriving.

About the facilitator: Zahava Griss (aka Z, they/them) is the founder of Embody More Love, a spiritual kinky dance community for personal and cultural liberation. Z has been guiding sexual empowerment spaces since 1999, focusing on gender beyond the binary, healthy secure attachment, polyamory, and conscious kink. Learn more about their love coaching, performance rituals, workshops, and books at

photo of Z & KC performing at Twisted Windows, photographed by Sin

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