Intro to Tantra + Intimacy with Self Study

Learn the skills, communication, practices + and need to know information to confidently expand your intimacy journey.

Sensuality is an embodied practice. Are you curious about opening up the ways you feel pleasure in your body and ready to open a new layer of intimacy? Join us for an introductory workshop that will empower you to uncover the more sensual and seductive sides of yourself that will move you into any connection, scene or relationship dynamic with greater confidence.

During this workshop we will cover the basic things you should know before play begins such as:

Introduction to Tantra and ways you can practice

Setting your intimacy intentions

Pleasure in Parts - how to amplify sensations through intimacy

Breath + movement rituals to expand your sensuality

How to Ethically Navigate Different Types of Relationship Dynamics

We’ll hold space for learning, open discussion and end the workshop with a demo showcasing what we learned in action to spark your curiosity for the future workshops coming up in the Self Study x Embodied S<3x ed Series.

This workshop will be facilitated by euni of Self Study.

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