Introduction to Sexual Healing (Workshop for Couples or Singles)

Learn the underlying causes of what blocks our energy, and healing practices that will help move these blocks anywhere in your body.

Now more than ever, sexual healing is critical to our personal evolution. While our culture has experienced a revolution, it's time for an evolution. And that starts with a personal commitment to our wholeness.

In this recorded class you will learn the underlying causes of what blocks our energy. As well as healing practices that will help you move these blocks anywhere in your body. So that you can clear anything preventing you from feeling deeply and emotionally fulfilled.

This will include:

  • How blocks are created and what we can do to release them.
  • The psychology of the chakras - 7 keys to your body's innate wisdom.
  • Touch - How to unblock stuck energy and rewire your nervous system.
  • Breathing techniques - How to transform pain into pleasure.
  • Sounding techniques - The secret to healing and awakening.

*This is a recorded course... there is no live participation.

**Keeping with Eventbrite guidelines, this event is not sex based, explicit or pornographic. This is an educational workshop with lecture, guided practice, theory, and practical elements as explained in details below. There is no nudity.

Guided Tantra Practices

The course will also include two guided tantric practices that you can not only take home with you, but will have the option to follow along with Leah.

The guided practices you will learn are:

For female-identified: Sacred Spot Mapping - Follow along as Leah guides you through exactly where your g-spot is and your sacred spot is, and what the difference is between the two. You'll gain a felt sense of the tissue and the energy of these two spots. As well as the types of strokes that will bring comfort, healing, and more flow.

For male-identified: Healing Premature Ejaculation - Leah will walk you through a ritual to heal the vulnerability, embarrassment, and frustration that comes along with PE. You'll learn how to communicate with partners in a way that leaves you feeling more fulfilled, while receiving practical techniques that lead to more control.

Who is this workshop for?

  • This is open and applicable to all orientations and gender identities.
  • You can take this class as a single or with your partner.

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Your Facilitator

Leah Piper, the Founder of More Love Works, is an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator and Mentor who has blended her work as a Certified Positive Psychology Coach into a system where the Art of Conscious Loving merges with the Science of Well-being. Together these two complimentary models have a positive effect on all relationships, from the board room to the bedroom.