Intuitive Dating

Facilitated by a professional relationship coach, Intuitive Dating is for folks who find their experience of dating is flat, frustrating, and draining.

This workshop offers tools to transform common challenges (fear of rejection, shame, etc) so the process of dating can be one that hones your capacity for instinctual intuition, confidence, love, and self-reliance. It is held as part of a facilitated community that supports deeply understanding your own desires/boundaries.

It is open to all men, women, and non-binary folx. This container is for learning and growth: it is not a speed dating event. Each session is a little different as Nick brings different exercises.

This experience is for you if:

  • You are hungry for the magic of intimacy and would love a way to date that is empowering and grows your capacity for love, self-reliance, and intuition.
  • You tend to “convince” yourself to stay in flat dating relationships WAY longer than you should and/or you have difficulty recognizing if you "actually like" a person.
  • You can have trouble identifying and communicating your authentic desires or heartfelt boundaries when dating.
  • You tend to fear rejection and would like to heal that.
  • You find that dating drains you, and does not call forward your best self.

This experience will:

  • Help you understand common reasons that people find dating challenging.
  • Offer a tested approach for successful dating (ie: dating that you ENJOY which has the best chances of leading to lasting connection). This method is empowering and based in authenticity and following your own desires/boundaries.
  • Offer skills to more quickly and intuitively recognize if a person is a fit for you.
  • Offer experiences that directly address and heal the fear of rejection.
  • Help you to develop the skills to identify your desires/boundaries and to practice voicing them with the opposite sex.

This experience will include

A presentation from Nick on dating challenges and his lived method for empowering dating.

Exercises to meet other people in the group and to develop embodied confidence.

Nick will directly coach 1-2 people at the end of the session on whatever dating/intimacy questions they have.

Important: I ask that all people who join have their video on during the call. This creates a sense of presence/connectedness in the group.

Who am I?

I am an empath, a professional coach, and a yoga teacher. The practices that I teach here are ones that really helped to transform my polyamorous dating/relationships to bring in far more ease and joy. I love to laugh and would not do this workshop if it wasn't both playful and deeply authentic! You can learn more about me on my website.