JSG Masterclass Event

This Masterclass will show you how to live your most authentic life free from shame and guilt with tools to liberate you from challenging emotions like jealousy once and for all.

This course will also show you:

— The simple game plan our clients use to effectively manage their emotions of jealousy, fear, and insecurity while creating more loving, transparent multiple relationships.

— Why denying or repressing jealousy or fear about your multiple relationships is the exact WRONG strategy to follow... and what is the fastest way to build confidence in healthy, open relationships while gaining more joy and freedom.

— How our clients let go of self-doubt and fear, maintain control of jealous and angry feelings, so that they feel loved and supported in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

— The #1 reliable tool to gain more peace of mind and stay off the roller coaster of emotions, even if obsessive thoughts, resentment, and worry have been part of the struggle previously.

— The little-known method my clients use to confidently communicate with their loved ones WITHOUT discussions until two in the morning, long drawn-out fights, and feelings of not being heard.

— AND... how to do all this while being 100% completely authentic and living in integrity... even if you have felt judged in the past.