Kana Tea Enema Trial for Women Only

  • Las Vegas, NV -

Dr Diaz, who is living the summer as Nurse Katrina Kushner's Slave will be testing Kana extract for use in sexual therapy. .KANA ROOT EXTRACT is Nature's MDMA and Ecstasy. Legal in Nevada. Thirty minutes following receiving a Kana enema subjects enter a blissful, erotic and relaxed spiritual state of mind lasting up to 24 hours. Multiple ongoing orgasms and overwhelming full body pleasure is beyond time.

Dr Diaz is looking for women willing to explore the process with a lab full of other naked woman willing to do tbe same. Dr. Diaz is a Professor of Gender Studies at tbe Unv San Palo. She is working on a thesis about consensual sexual servitude and lives as Katrina Kushner's Bitch for the Summer in Vegas.

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