Kink Bondage 101 - Bound To Be Hit!

  • Hosted by Pagans Paradise
  • New York, NY -
  • 31 people on the list-

Facilitated by Dominus Eros and Rev. Rucifer

Join us in the fun and enticing world of Kink & BDSM play for consensual adults

Kink Bondage 101 is one of our favorite BDSM-based workshops that give a taste for those new to play and space for experienced players to further their knowledge.

BDSM is often viewed as intimidating or dark, but playfulness, exploration and communication is nothing to be afraid of when enjoyed in a fun, consensual and curious way. Our focus will be on the varied ways one can use Bondage and how to blend other modalities like impact, sense and our exclusive energetic bondage! Bondage is introduced with basic ties that you can use to bind hands and feet freely or to cross/bench/table.

Various types of rope and other play items will be available to touch, practice and play with throughout the evening. Together we will create a container that is fun and enjoyable where physical, emotional and mental safety is paramount.

What You Get: This is an in-person workshop in a beautiful and private studio space in Manhattan. The workshop will include 2 hours of discussion & instruction where you will be able to receive and explore new techniques and positions. If you desire, you may receive hands-on practice and demonstration.

Workshop Outcomes & Benefits: We are always looking for more ways to bond that can feel intimate without leading anywhere, this workshop offers that chance to connect and still feel all those yummy sensations.

  • Introduction overview of Kink Bondage with blended elements
  • Safety protocol and negotiations
  • Tool overview and live demo - You will learn how to use items safely
  • Kink-inspired class, however you can dress in any gear/sexy/regular clothing if you want
  • Multiple furniture and mat setup to practice on
  • Play toys, floggers, paddles and more will be available to add to the scene and to help you create the mood for intense play and fun
  • Building confidence in skills & techniques

Class Tickets: $25 Early Bird, $30 Tier 1, $40 Tier 2 and at Door

NOTE: We encourage everyone to have an open mind as this is a fun, open and explorative learning environment. We practice and review informed & ongoing consent practices with an emphasis on mutual desire. We do not pair people up, and encourage guests to make friends and play to their level of comfort ensuring that all are able to learn and grow. This workshop is open to all gender identifications, $exual orientations, lifestyles, singles and couples. Couples can stay paired the whole time or play with others if you so choose.

This event is perfect and open for all experience levels. To comply with Covid-19 safety precautions, proof of vaccination is required to enter the space. Please bring your vaccination card or Excelsior pass. 18+ for workshops. Refunds must be requested 24hrs prior to the event. Doors open at 6:45pm and closes at 7:15 pm please be on time.

What to bring?

  • Your favorite tools & toys/props/gear
  • Proof of vaccination
  • Open, curious minds

Feedback From Previous Attendees

"As practitioners Dominus and Rev are pure joy. They provide a safe place to be sex positive, what ever your desires are. It's not lewd, demeaning or mechanical. They teach from the heart and you won't find a better place to find your joy."

"My partner and I are community "veterans" and have been to the majority of kink workshops and parties. Pagans Paradise is our absolute favorite and one that we will continue to return to. Every event put on by Dominus and Rev is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece it is an honor to participate in. We recommend this space to folks of all levels. The welcoming and warm atmosphere is second to none."

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