Kinky Improv & Roleplay + Jam

  • Hosted by Pagans Paradise
  • New York, NY - address sent to ticket holders
  • 27 people on the list

Facilitated by Dominus Eros & Sirenatrix Nix

Join us in the fun and enticing world of Kink play for consensual adults.

Kinky Improv & Roleplay

Workshop 7-9:00 pm - Play Jam 9:30pm-12:30am

Join us in the fun and enticing world of Kink practice for consensual adults.

We are having a 2-part evening of indulgence, learning and fun entertainment. Come for the workshop and stay for the Jam to practice what you learned and meet other like-minded folks or just come to the Jam!!

What is Kinky Improv & Roleplay?

Kinky Improv is an incredibly fun BDSM-based workshops that give a taste for those new to scene and space for experienced players to further their knowledge and show off their creative skills!

Kinky Improv introduces an innovative way of creating play scenes that allow for interactivity from the group and hosts. We combine elements seen on game shows and improv acts to establish narrative elements like setting, character and action. Roleplay mixes character creation along with fantasy play that enhances desires within the scene. Dominus and Sirenatrix will get the act going to give everyone a chance to help shape scenes with your sexy and collective input!

During this experience, we will go over theory and the basics of BDSM, Roleplay dynamics, kink and sensual energy work to provide a foundation to interact within the event. While we encourage everyone to interact on some level, you are not obligated and can just enjoy the show!

The Experience: This is an in-person workshop in a beautiful and private studio space in Manhattan. The workshop will include 2 hours of discussion & instruction where you will be able to receive and explore new techniques and positions. If you desire, you may receive hands-on practice and demonstration.

Intended Outcomes:

You will gain new ways to connect and bond with yourself and others that feel intimate, exciting and invigorating. You will be able to connect and explore your own relationship to this practice and all the yummy sensations possible.

  • Conscious BD$M theories
  • How to set the scene and container
  • Ways to incorporate Improv elements to have fluid dynamics within the scene
  • Practical techniques, tool overview and live demo - You will learn how to use items safely
  • Kink-inspired class - you are welcome to dress in any gear/$exy/regular/comfy clothing
  • Safety protocol, negotiations, and aftercare
  • Tools, Rope, floggers, paddles and more will be available to add to the scene.
  • Building confidence in skills & techniques

Play Jam is a participation based gathering where we focus on playing, trying new things and practicing what you learned or know. This time is meant for all to be involved on some level within comfort and personal boundaries to be respected.

Jam Activities and Scenes Include:

  • Opening Circle & Community Guidelines
  • Live demonstration & scenes
  • Multiple play spaces, X's, and open play/practice time

What to bring?

  • Your favorite tools & toys/props/gear
  • Open, curious minds

Workshop ONLY Tickets: Early Bird $30, Regular $40

Workshop and Play Jam Tickets: Early Bird $60, Regular $80

Play Jam ONLY Tickets: Early Bird $30, Regular $40

NOTE: We encourage everyone to have an open mind as this is a fun, open and explorative learning environment. We practice and review informed & ongoing consent practices with an emphasis on mutual desire. We do not pair people up, and encourage guests to make friends and play to their level of comfort ensuring that all are able to learn and grow. This workshop is open to all gender identifications, sexual orientations, lifestyles, singles and couples.

This event is perfect and open for all experience levels. 18+ for workshops. Refunds must be requested 7 days prior to the event. Doors open at 7pm and closes at 7:10 pm please be on time.

For Play Jam: Doors open at 9:30pm, Consent Talk and Rules of Engagement at 9:45pm, Doors close at 10pm. 21+ age to join. BYOB.

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