Kink & Ink

What is Kink & Ink?:

We are a monthly SoCal based poetry reading specifically aimed at the kink community. We encourage you to explore yourself, explore your partners, and use your findings to explore the power of creative expression through poetry! We welcome poets of all background and skill levels, and poems stemming from all forms of inspiration. We want to hear that poem about how blissful it felt to hear your partners screams, but we are JUST as eager to hear that poem about the moment you lost your childhood pet. Creative writings are also welcome, just be mindful of the time!

Entrance is located behind the main building!

(If you wish to read, but cannot attend inspiration hour, please arrive when able. However, those who are not reading are encouraged to arrive before 7:30 and participate in inspiration hour, regardless of whether they choose to read aloud.)

Readings (8-9pm):

Readings begin promptly at 8pm. Readers received no longer than 10 to 15 of time to perform, with no minimum time requirement. Poems can be of any genre or style. Please site all works not written by you

There will be a brief socialization period after.

Bring your disturbing, kinky, depressing, funny, happy, witty poems and share them in a safe space with your fellow kinksters. We aren't here to judge you. We are here to hear you.

Some poems just cannot be appreciated by the vanilla public, and that's why Kink & Ink was created. As a submissive, there is a hidden interpretation behind much of my poetry that isn't received from a vanilla perspective, so I created Kink & Ink to give me a place to share my poetry, be it kink oriented or not!

About the Moderator

Rubix has been a member of the SoCal BDSM community for 8 amazing years. During that time, she's explored various forms of self-expression through kink, such as DDLG, petplay, and M/s. While BDSM has her heart, Poetry was Rubix's first love. At the age of 13 she started writing poetry as an outlet. At age 16 she began attending poetry readings, and at age 20 she realized that it was time to combine her two passions and create an alternative space for poetic expression. Four years later, Kink & Ink was born.

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