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This rope jam will be at a new venue!! Kink Store is the most beautiful Kink Space in the Bay Area. This is a special rope jam because it's MY BIRTHDAY!!! Come learn some new ties, play with the Kink Dungeon Toys, and celebrate my birthday with me <3. Hard points are available on a first come first serve basis. Showers are available for use onsite. Rope Jams will resume at EBCS August 1st.

Acclaimed bondage instruction book author and educator, JD of Two Knotty Boys (@RopeRigger on IG), will be teaching us his simplified TK, an elegant and firm Kinbaku (緊縛) arm binding. A must see lesson, we’re excited to have him teaching us! Workshop @ 8 pm. Additional basic rope instruction will be available all evening long by Knotty Scout Leader Donny.


Welcome to The Knotty Scouts, a vibrant community of shibari enthusiasts hailing from the Bay Area! Join us and immerse yourself in the ancient art of rope bondage. This event is designed to provide a supporting welcoming environment for all levels of experience, from complete beginners to seasoned practitioners. Our skilled instructors will lead workshops focused on teaching the techniques of rope bondage, ensuring that all participants can learn and practice in a safe and consensual manner. In addition to the educational aspect, our rope jam emphasizes the importance of building connections within the kink community. Participants can engage in open discussions, connect with like-minded individuals, and explore the intimate and expressive nature of bondage.

This event is play-friendly and clothing optional so express yourself freely! To ensure the comfort and safety of all participants, a comprehensive consent speech will be delivered at the beginning of the evening. Workshops will be head early at 8 pm and doors for the event will close at 10 pm.

The event will have mandatory consent talk. We will go over FRIES and other consent topics. FRIES stands for Freely given, Reversible, Informed, Engaged, Specific. The consent speech will give you tools to be able to interact with anyone in this space and is useful even outside this event!!

Freely Given: Consenting is a choice one only makes without pressure, manipulation, or repeated asking (even from a partner).

Reversible: Anyone can change their mind about what they feel like doing at any time. Even if they’ve done it before, and even if they’re in the middle of it, they can say no, no more, or nevermind.

Informed: One can only consent to something if they understand the acts they are being asked to participate in. For example, if someone has an STI, it is only full consent if they disclose this to anyone they are having contact with, before they take a risk they are unaware of. Stay sober enough to give and perceive consent and if under the influence of substances do not engage in rope or bdsm play and inform any potential play partners about being on the influence of substances so that the person is fully aware and has the opportunity to opt out. Do not ask new play partners to play without condoms in this space.

Engaged: If there's any doubt about whether the person is fully interested, then it's a NO. When it comes to anyone's body, everyone should only do stuff they WANT to do, not things that one feels they are expected to do. Pay attention to eye contact, body language, and enthusiasm. If you do receive a no, thank the person for taking care of themself and do not ask them again for anything else. Let them know they can come to you if they want to engage further.

Specific: Yes to one thing is not yes to everything. Ask for consent prior to any escalation. In this space, at this event, ask for consent prior to any touch.

Again: Stay sober enough to give and perceive consent. Please do not interrupt scenes in progress.

COVID safety - Please don't come if you are sick. Masks are welcome but optional. We offer no guarantees about the event being covid-free and are only able to provide rain checks to future events if you cannot attend for any reason.

Tickets are transferable but not refundable.

Low-income tickets are available upon request and we have volunteer spots available in exchange for free or discounted tickets. Limited volunteer spots are available so please contact event organizers early!

FB: Krissy Mahan 

(865) 407-6736

No pictures using phones without enthusiastic consent from anyone in the photo!

Professional photographer Jeremie Fremaux will be onsite taking artsy photos. Wrist bands are available to opt out of photos. Consent will be obtained prior to posting link to pics in private fb group. Photos will be sent out to ticketholders via email where selected photos can be removed from the album upon request.

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