KPOC Presents SOUL BIND: a POC Exclusive Rope Jam

  • Hosted by VoxBody Studio
  • Oakland, CA -
  • 34 people on the list-

In collaboration with VoxBody Studio, Kinky People of Color (KPOC) presents SOUL BIND!

KPOC Bay Area invites you to our monthly POC Rope Jam! If you identify as a Person of Color, join us as we build community, socialize, and do rope!

A safe place for us to explore the art of rope and express our truest selves free from the stigma of society, the fear of oppression, and the judgment of those that would look upon us as objects, others, and who would use our identities against us. This is a space to live in any gender and sexual expression on the spectrum, and to not worry about the one thing we are constantly reminded of in other spaces: our race and ethnicity.

* All levels are welcome and encouraged to participate.

* Doors open at 6:45pm for check in. Doors will remain open throughout the event; you are welcome to arrive and depart as you wish!

* Opening circle will be presented by John at 7:15pm followed by a short intro lesson for those new and looking to learn more.

* As the intro lesson begins, the tying floor will also open for all to use freely.

* VoxBody Studio representative Ivy and KPOC’s Mariela will host for the evening.

* Petite refreshments such as snacks and tea will be provided throughout the night.

* Wind down starts at 9:45pm. Rope Jam ends at 10:00pm.

* There is loaner rope available for use during the event.

Who are People of Color (POC)?

People of Color...

* are visible minorities (POCs); and/or

* have 1 or more parents who are visible minorities (sometimes called mixed race); and/or

* have the lived experience of systemic oppression based on race, ethnicity, culture, mother tongue, place of origin, or heritage (have experienced social or systemic defined racism).

All intersectionalities of POC are welcome if you are a LGBTQ+ AND POC, You. ARE. welcome.

* Please note that while we love and appreciate our allies, this is a POC-exclusive event.

COVID policy

Getting Here

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