LaQueer [In Person]

WHAT: LaQueer: An LGBTQ+ Sex-Positive Party

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LaQueer is back and ready to welcome the CSPC’s queer community for safer kinky and sexy fun. We welcome all kinds of play and sex that are allowed under the CSPC’s rules, and welcome people all across the various spectra of queer identity. We will have rope suspension points, kink equipment like spanking benches and racks, and space for everything from cuddles to needles.

In addition, post-pandemic we will be providing materials to help you flag your level of willingness to interact with others. This is to help everyone feel safer returning to large group social events, and to increase accessibility for members of our community who struggled with socialization even before spending over a year at home.

All of us on the team love the community this party built before the pandemic. We want to see that return and build on that to make it even stronger. This is the queer party you’ve been waiting for, back and better than ever. Let’s get weird!

(Masking will become optional at in person CSPC events after February 1st)

WHO: This event is for queer folx and their friends! “Queer" here is used as an umbrella term for anyone who identifies as not-heterosexual or not-cisgender, including but not limited to people who identify as: gay, lesbian, bisexual, genderqueer, agender, bigender, transgender, third gender, trans, genderfluid, gaymo, bicurious, asexual, homosexual, homofabulous, homoflexible, heteroflexible, intersex, questioning, pansexual, MTF, FTM, butch, femme, fag, dyke.

If you identify with one of these groups, then this party is for you!

If you aren't queer and are not attending with a queer person, we invite you to join us at a different event. We know our parties are less frequent than usual, but we ask that you respect our intention to create a queer space with this event.

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