Exploring Sex & Pleasure in Larger Bodies w/ Msgigggles

This is a live interactive workshop! All ticket holders will be sent the Zoom link for the live event, and will be sent the recording after the workshop. You MUST get a ticket prior to the live event in order to receive the recording.

Sex and Sensuality in A Larger Body. This is an interactive workshop focused on discussions, community building, and getting in touch with your inner siren as a larger human. Megan will be teaching you all of the ways that you can optimize your experience while being confident in the body that you are in! You will learn:

  • Best sex positions, props, and preparation methods.
  • How to center pleasure in a larger body
  • How to explore solo play and partnered play
  • How to navigate a play party, or more public spaces in a larger body.

We will also have group discussions regarding sex, sexuality, and pleasure-seeking and will be centering the experiences of fat/curvy. plus-size/ thick individuals. Anyone is welcome to attend who is interested in enhancing their own sexual experiences!

Host Bio

Msgigggles is an “all around’ content creator focusing on body/sex positivity, plus-size Fashion, and women’s empowerment. After pursuing an education in Marketing/Brand Development, she decided to put her degree to use by developing a platform that benefitted from creativity, honesty, and social awareness. Megan believes in the power of social media to bring people together. She continues to use her platform as a sounding board to cover topics most important to these core values. Her work focuses on combining passion with accountability, and sex appeal with activism. You can find her on Instagram @msgigggles