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Performing Live:

Last Night of Solace


HellHeartLast Night of Solace is an upcoming metalcore band thats been making waves in Texas with their raw energy and heartfelt songs. Their newest single "Fractured" features guest vocals from Sleeping With Sirens vocalist Kellin Quinn. Last Night of Solace is metal core at its best, lots of powerful vocals, melodic riffs, and tight rhythm.

Fatalist was formerly known as Fate Destroyed. They are a female fronted Los Angeles based group breaking new ground with a fierce fresh take on the metal status quo. Their sound meshes the heart pounding breakdowns of metalcore with the gritty electronic texture and bounce of modern trap. Their unique sound and stage presence has catapulted them to playing some of the biggest festivals in the US, including Blueridge Rock Festival, Rebel Rock, Metal In the Mountains, and lnkcarcertaion.

HellHeart is a melodic metal band from the Central Valley of California. Since 2017, HellHeart has been pounding out a unique brand of heavy music, combining elements of Metal, Metalcore, Thrash and Hardcore to create a unique and aggressive sound.

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