Legacy Studios Summer Birthdays Play Party

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Legacy BDSM Studios July Play Party and Birthday Celebration

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Celebrate your summer birthday and ours, with Birthday Cake, and Birthday Spankings!

Legacy Studios invites you to attend our Play Party for Kinksters. All of our events are intended for Adults 18+ Only.

Please visit our website for more details.

There will be Complimentary non- alcoholic beverages and Snacks at this Party. Please BYOB, we will have the Legendary Mistress Krystal hosting Bottle Services in the main Lobby.

Legacy Studios Los Angeles is committed to providing quality educational opportunities, and a safe, clean, play space for the alternative adult lifestyle community.

We offer Adult Education in a safe non-judgmental environment.

Visit our website for other featured events, classes and services.

Our Community Space and Play Parties are Safe and Inclusive of All gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, races, religions, ethnicities and roles! Please contact us with any ADA accommodation questions (note this is an old multi level building with no elevator or wheel chair access).

Consensual Play only, safe words must be respected.

There is no genital to genital or mouth to genital contact at this play party. This is not a swinger, or swinger-bdsm hybrid party. There is no 'self-play' allowed at this party, uninvited self play, in close proximity to, and during someone else's scene, will be viewed as a consent violation, and will get you permanently banned from all future events.

BDSM Activities are Encouraged. Socializing is Encouraged. - this is what the Dungeon facility was designed/built for!!

If there is an active scene, please watch from a safe distance, that does not interrupt the flow of the scene. Allowing adequate space for private scenes is standard expectation, that will also prevent unintended injuries to you or the participating parties. Please do Not touch other people's toys/gear/equipment.

Please be Respectful of our Neighbors. No loud noise when entering or exiting the building. Please arrive in discreet street legal garments, once inside you may wear fetish or risqué attire, if you wish (you may also just wear regular street clothing, as this party is not high protocol). When not actively participating in a scene, No full nudity, please keep genitals fully covered, unless you are playing, once your scene has ended, please cover your genitals.

Legacy BDSM Studios has traditional values, we expect Respectful interaction and Self Regulation from our community members. If you have concerns or feel uncomfortable, with something you see or experience at one if our events, please let us know.

Experienced and New Players are Welcome at this party.

If you are new to BDSM, please be aware that other People's Consensual Kink can sometimes look different than how you imagined kinky things to look. If it makes you uncomfortable, it is okay to say something to one of the dungeon monitors. It is not okay to interrupt someone's scene, or to intervene. Please allow the Dungeon Monitors to decide if intervention is necessary.

If you are an Experienced Player, thank you for your patience and guidance, with helping new players acclimate to play party protocols. Remember, we were all new once, and what we consider to be normal protocols, sometimes needs to be introduced to a newer participant.

Professional players are of course welcome to attend, but please no pay to play activities during this play party.

Bring your own toys, to play with. Note that the play spaces, are public, other people are permitted in the rooms to watch you play, during parties. The play stations are First come first serve. We do not limit the amount of time you can utilize any specific dungeon equipment or furniture, but be mindful if other people are interested, or waiting to use a specific space. If you prefer a private play space, we do offer private room rentals (but not during parties).

We are Covid-19 and MPX Cautious - all our events are within regulation of the CDC guidelines. We ask that you do not attend any of our events, if you are not feeling well, have a fever, have a cough (not due to chronic condition), have any sort of irregular skin conditions, have tested positive for covid, MPX, the flu, or any other communicable illness.

Hand sanitizer is available throughout the building, and masks are encouraged. All of our play spaces are deep cleaned regularly, including utilization of ionizers and medical grade disinfectants. You will find cleaning supplies in every play space, and are required to clean any equipment that you use, immediately after use. See our website for further information about safety measures we take to keep our community safe.

Entrance is located behind the main building in the back alley way next to the parking lot.

Legacy Studios

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