Let’s Get This Poly Started!

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Join Fox M., (, to learn effective ways to support yourself, Lover(s) and metamours in this 5-week online workshop for consensual non-monogamists who are opening up, maintaining, and navigating CNM relationships. 

My intention is to offer a supportive and affirming place to build community and discuss important topics that impact those in (or who may be considering…) polyamorous relationships.


• Learn about specific relationship skills with an emphasis on consent, communication, trust, transparency, compassion and self-care. 

• Reflect on your personal needs, desires and boundaries within polyamory and answering the question — “why are you drawn to polyamory.”

• Discuss mono/poly mixed orientation relationships, as well as the importance of building safety and security within all relationship dynamics.

• Discuss attachment styles / theory and trauma as it relates to polyamory, and ways to self-soothe and co-regulate. 

• Become aware of the benefits and struggles of polyamory in order to manage expectations and care for yourself, Lover(s) and metamours.

• Understand how to acknowledge and manage difficult feelings such as jealousy and fear, as well as how to navigate when agreements are broken.

• Understand the importance of boundaries and agreements when it comes to dating, time management, defining what is sex is and navigating sexual health.

• Discuss the importance of building a community within polyamory.


• Must reside in California for group (it’s a therapy law, sorry :(

• We meet virtually on Thursday’s @ 6pm - 7:30pm

• August 24th - September 21st 

• $80 per session, per person

• Non-refundable deposit required to hold spot

• Individuals, Partners and all welcome! 

• Limited capacity (group closed once capacity filled)


• Submit via

• 15-minute Zoom consultation to ensure fit 

• And please feel free to share this love with anyone you know who may need support and community. 

Looking forward to connecting,

Fox M.