Let's Talk About Jealousy w/Tristan Taormino

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​One of the most common issues people in non-monogamous relationships face is jealousy. But what is jealousy and why do we experience it? It's a powerful emotion that can derail, upset, or even immobilize us. Often when we talk about jealousy, we reduce it to being one thing. There are actually a diverse group of emotions that accompany, intersect, and relate to jealousy, and they manifest in different ways for different people. Learn how jealousy shows up for you, how to unpack it, and strategies to cope with these feelings so we can better thrive in our relationships.

​Tristan Taormino is an award-winning writer, sex educator, speaker, and podcaster. She is the author of eight books, including the bestselling classic Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships. Her latest book is A Part of the Heart Can't Be Eaten: A Memoir. Tristan has conducted original research on non-monogamy and teaches workshops and professional trainings about it at colleges and universities, conferences, and community groups around the world. She created The Open List, a list of professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable about open relationships, polyamory, and non-monogamy (

About FWB

FWB is a private social club in Los Angeles founded by queer women for open-minded people to meet, explore, and play.

We provide a wide range of sex-positive programming, including socials, workshops, weeknight and weekend themed play parties. We offer a mobile-friendly online platform via the FWB app for groups and individuals to promote their events and find community. 

Our philosophy: “Come for the orgy, stay for the friends”. When a baseline of openness, connection, friendship, and community is at the center of our events, we believe magic can happen. 

Friends with Benefits is proud to be gender inclusive, newbie friendly, accessibly priced, and independently owned. Contact us on our website for more information on space rentals and private party event packages. 

Apply for membership online at


How old do you have to be to join Friends with Benefits? 

You must be at least 25 years old to join FWB. 

Where are you located? 

Our clubhouse is located in Downtown Los Angeles. Unless otherwise stated, all of our events are located in Downtown.

I’m interested in trying out a play event. How can I attend?

  1. Apply online
  2. Attend a new member interview with a member of our team
  3. Purchase a membership or single ticket and RSVP

All attendees must submit an application and be approved prior to RSVPing or attending an event. We recommend at 2-4 weeks lead time for approval.

Do you check STI status?

While we strongly encourage all of our members to get regular STI screenings, we do not require proof of STI results to attend our parties. Members who provide results within one month of an event and show their results will receive a black wrist band for the event. 

There are so many risk-free ways to engage in pleasure at our events (massage, sensual touch, watching, good conversation etc). If you’re unsure of your status, we encourage you to err on the side of caution for the health and safety of yourself and our community.

What is provided at play events?

Snacks and mixers are provided. BYOB. For playtime we provide barriers, including condoms, dental dams, and finger condoms, lube, wipes, and more for you to use during play time. 

What can I bring? 

We provide coat check. You are welcome to bring your own alcohol, toys, or playtime accessories. 

How much does it cost? 

Our membership starts at $30/mo and includes options for event packages which includes weeknight only ($60/mo) or weeknight and weekend events ($90/mo). Single tickets start at $20-50 for play events. Social events are $5 for non-members. Workshops are $20 for non-members.


Email if you’d like more information on private rentals, collaboration, sponsorship, or have any questions. 

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