Lets Talk About S-E-X!

  • Hosted by Major Tom
  • Las Vegas, NV -

Unlock conversations, explore connections, and embrace vulnerability where authentic relating games ignite meaningful dialogues!

Join us for a courageous exploration of our relationships with SEX in a safe and respectful spaceβ€”from the origins of where you first learned about sex to informed consent. Dive into the vast gradient of sexuality with reverence and play at this 'Rated Spicy' Event!

Embark on a journey of exploration and connection with 'LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX!' facilitated by a skilled guide with a track record of over 100 game nights across 5 cities, and 3 countries

Are you seeking authentic connections, meaningful conversations, and a space to delve into the intricacies of relationships with yourself and others? Authentic Relating (AR) offers a gateway to conscious communication and community.

AR is a social technology guiding you through relational mindfulness in the present moment. Our practices create a brave and intentional space, grounded in play and supported by clear boundaries, fostering meaningful and enjoyable connections.

Join us for an opportunity to:

🌟 Expand your friend circle

🌟 Learn more about yourself

🌟 Explore the human experience

🌟 Have the courage to reveal something about yourself

🌟 Have the compassion to hold space for others as they reveal themselves

🌟 Feel and express lots of JOY

In this space, explore what authenticity means to YOU and receive thoughtful reflections on how your authenticity impacts those you connect with. True authenticity thrives in community, where the mirroring of others helps us see who we authentically are. While no one can dictate authenticity for you, together we can learn to better discover and activate it. Join us for a real-time liberation practice.

Join us for this or join us for the weekend:

Temple of Hedonism Friday 22nd

Primal: A Conscious Play Party Saturday 23rd

About The Facilitator

Meet Major, your guide to transformative experiences in intimacy and self-discovery! As an intimacy coach/facilitator at, Co-creator of I.R.L. Intimacy Retreat, host of Games Night at Flow Yoga, and Co-Producer of, I'm dedicated to creating spaces where authentic connections thrive

Trained as an authentic relating facilitator, I leverage Integral Theory to craft exercises blending acting, movement, neo-tantra, and intimacy. With a unique blend of innovation and light-heartedness, I foster a brave experiential container for individuals to blossom and deepen their relationships with self and others.

Authentic Relating Games, a cornerstone of my approach, invite you to intimately know yourself while creating a space for decentralized processing. I intend to authentically show up, providing safety and permission for others to do the same. In the containers I create, deep intimacy and growth unfold, as I believe that pushing against our edges is where true growth occurs.

My facilitation style incorporates elements from Integral Theory, weaving psychodrama, tantra, authentic relating, and improv into a rich tapestry. Join me on a journey from ecstatic joy to deep sorrow, where every aspect of yourself is welcomed. Let's explore, connect, and grow together!

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