Letters Home Journal Writing

    Letters Home Journal Writing for insight is happening! Zoom on over! 

    Every week I offer a fresh prompt, we write for a while, and then there’s time for conversation (totally optional of course) about what came up. Come give it a try!

    My prompts are designed to engage your curiosity and encourage self exploration. We’re not here to give ourselves a hard time, but to gain insight.

    You only share what you want to (if you want to) and we’ve often found even deeper insights come from the conversation than from the writing itself.

    It’s all a jumping off point for deeper self understanding and reflection. That’s why I call it Letters Home.

    I encourage writing by hand on paper as it seems to activate the brain a bit differently than typing does. But typing or dictation is totally cool too, of course! The important thing is taking a bit of time and space to reflect and explore, in a supportive environment.

    I want this group to be accessible, so I don’t have a set fee, but instead request donations.

    No one turned away for lack of funds!



    Here’s the link! Hope to see you there!