Lonely Hearts Craft Club (virtual meetup)

Join us on discord!

Whether happily single or coupled up, seeking love or devotedly throupled…, yup!!! 

…Lonely Hearts Craft Club welcomes YOU to our budding community of crafty folks.  

As always, crafts are a suggestion — never a requirement – because all you need to join is the *desire* to connect with other creatives. At a time when community events are fading in the stressful glow of modern life, we’ve decided to bring back our online circle and Open it to a wider audience, most importantly: YOU!   

Our meetup started in 2019 San Francisco, with a circle called YAAHS (Yarn Art at Happy-Hour Social). Initially just 3 friends crocheting at our local brewery, we’ve since expanded to the East Bay, learned other crafts, and invited new friends.    

In 2020, we went virtual to make it through Covid-quarantine. We were *so* relieved to safely meet in person again, but with your host, Sloppy Staaci, living in a remote area and participants scattered all around – the itch to start an online club is back!

Whether you crochet, knit, braid, weave, macrame or spin.... Or just want to shoot the $h!t: JOIN US for a virtual social event that’s open to all. 

Sloppi Staaci hosts and encourages us to make new friends and crochet gifts for the old..... You’re welcome to bring yarn, watercolor, beads, really ANY projects, to work on in a welcoming and social atmosphere. If you want to learn crochet, contact us for more info on free private instruction.

We’ve had people cooking in their kitchens, doing yoga, or relaxing with a glass of wine. While there’s no pressure to craft, you might be inspired to see the amazing things that others are working on.  

Join us online to learn that crafts can save your life in more than the obvious ways. Whether keeping you warm on a cold day, helping you relax after a stressful situation, or providing the community that gives you strength to pave a new way, we welcome you, and your own crafty crew!

Hope to see YAAHS there, 


Sloppi Staaci