Los Angeles Black Munch

  • Culver City, CA -
  • 13 people on the list-

A munch for Black people to meet other Black people. It will be at a Brazilian place in Culver City called Pampas Grill, It has a large outside heated patio, everyone pays for your food individually, there's a full bar, and free parking. Once the restaurant closes at 9, we will go to a local bar.

This month we will also be talking about our upcoming spanking party in September. It will be for vetted people who have come to the munches before or that I know in the community. If you want to attend the party, you need to come to the munch.


1.  Can I come if I’m not Black?

This is for Black people to have a sense of community. To be around people who look like them and have a break from the struggle of navigating the kink scene while being Black. I don’t want people who fetishize Black people to attend. I don’t need allys to attend. If you aren’t Black and feel compelled to show up, you can instead donate money to pay for someone’s meal. You can message me to send by CashApp, Venmo, or PayPal.

2. I don’t think I’m Black enough, can I still come?

 If you have to question your Blackness, you might be a better fit for the other diverse munches.

3.  How much is it?

 The price varies because they charge you by the pound.

  • Combination of sides and meat, it starts at $13.55/lb
  •  Chicken and sausage only $14.45/lb
  • Beef and lamb only $19.95/lb

4.      Are there vegetarian options?

 They have a salad bar where you can build your own salad and vegetables. There are also many hot dishes that are meat free. If you only get salad or hot dishes, it’s $11.25/lb 


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