All Hands On D*ck! - An Erotic Voyage! Valentines Love boat!

  • Hosted by Daddy Retreat
  • New York, NY -

All Hands on D*ck! - 6:30-8:45pm *This event is for male identified only*

Valentines Love Boat Voyage! Special Holiday Edition!

Calling all Seamen!!!

the Captain is back for more, and he needs as many willing boys and daddies to go on an erotic adventure with him.

Led by Dominus Eros aka your Captain on this Erotic Love Boat Voyage!

Ever have a 4 handed massage? 6? 8? This is the social event to come many and come all! Invite a fellow sailor or two to join in on the sensual and erotic multi-handed massage experience while being touched by many seaman on this voyage of fun! All forms of swabbing the d*ck will be shown during shore leave with the last 30 minutes to allow all sailors to enjoy in their free time from orders of the captain ;)

Cost Eventbrite Early bird $30, Gen Admin $36 (Limited)

Cost at the door - $45

Address in email confirmation

What to expect at the class: The class is nude, but a modesty towel can be used if preferred. We will do random round robin so that you get to touch as many bodies as possible, and be touched by many. If you just want to touch that can be arranged as well. The class is 2.25 hrs long to ensure everyone gets a turn, a midway break is included. Basic strokes, sensitive areas to work will be shown and some great erotic tricks as well. Performed on a massage table.

This event is for male identified only, 18+ age, Daddy Retreat hosted

What to bring: *Special for this event, Bonus points to all who bring a sailors hat of any kind! Bring a towel, and shirt/shorts that you can wear when you need to use the restroom or walk in the waiting area. Also arrive freshly showered if possible.

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