LUSCIOUS - Sleep Over Edition!

  • Hosted by Pagans Paradise
  • New York, NY -
  • 62 people on the list-

A sapph!c-centered and pIayful evening for women, trans and non-binary/GNC klnksters.

Welcome to LUSCIOUS - $exy Sleepover Edition!

Note: Keeping with Eventbrite guidelines, this event is not $ex based, hookup style, explicit or p0rnographic. This an educational workshop and experience with both theory and practical elements as explained in details below.

Join us for an evening of thrilling delights in our sexy sleep over edition of Luscious! For this evening, we will gather with the intention of creating a shared container of play, connection and pleasure.

As the moonlight takes over the night, let your senses awaken to your $eductive, sweet and $ensual sides to indulge in the delicious delights of the flesh. This magical evening is centered on all marginalized genders including women, non-binary/GNC and trans men to pIay, connect and join together.

Come dressed in your most delicious and desirable sleep over looks (sexy pj's lingerie, etc), bring something to offer and any of your own beverages or libations.

This is a klnk-inspired adult sleep-over themed play partay, and we will enjoy a decadent evening of community, performances, and open pIay time to meet some new honeys, connect with old friends and explore your own pleasure journey.

Activities and Scenes Include:

  • Opening Circle & Sexy Pillow Fight with Co-Host Ms.Gigggles
  • P´╗┐erformances to be announced
  • Vendors
  • Plenty of space, free pIay time and so much more!

This event is perfect for all experience levels and we encourage all to pIay to their level of comfort and risk profile. To comply with Covid-19 safety precautions, a negative Covid test is required to enter the space. You are welcome to wear a mask throughout the duration of the event.

Please also review the Community Guidelines prior to attending.

What to Bring:

  • Your favorite libations & toys, etc.
  • Proof of vaccination
  • Cash tips for performers $$$
  • Open, curious minds

Please respect that no cisgender men are allowed into the space. Cis-men who purchase a ticket hoping to join the event will be denied entry and will NOT receive a refund.

Please reach out to Rev.Rucifer ( with any questions, comments or feedback. Here's to a night of wild wonders and dreamy delights! Much love. ­čĺľ

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