Make Them Bow with Ease: A Class for FemDoms

Fuck the patriarchy! It’s time to recognize the power that is feminine. This workshop is designed to dig deep and harness that strength and bring it into your intimacy. Though masculine folks are welcome in this class, it is geared towards femme presenting and those that wish to exude the divine feminine in their play. Whether you're a professional or lifestyle Dominant, this class is for you. Let’s talk about all the fun ways to tease and control someone’s pleasure. One of the challenges many FemDoms face is figuring out what works for them while remaining authentic. We’ll discuss that in this workshop as well as other challenges of being a femme-identifying Dominant.

Other topics that will be talked about include:

  • Balancing nurture and care with sadism and edge play
  • Female led relationships from beginner to advanced
  • Suggestions for play as a FemDom
  • Discovering your Goddess persona
  • Harnessing confidence and allowing it to shine