Many, Not Any 3/25

*Please read all event details before attending*

Many, Not Any is a peer support group for all who are curious or engage in Ethically Non-Monogamous connections. The event name serves as a reminder that we can transition those relationships which are no longer serving us. It also calls out any presumption by others that we are indiscriminate in our affections.

There is no fee to attend, and it is facilitator-led for the sake of productivity and harm reduction. Peer support is one of the most financially accessible means for working out thoughts, feelings, and perplexing situations. Come on in with all your questions and needs for experiential perspective!

These events are recurring and held both online (2x month), and in-person (1x month) in Portland, Oregon. Online; in order to establish trust, continuity, and to recreate the environment of an enclosed in-person meeting I require that all attendees be in a quiet & private space and use their audio & video. The process I use asks that all attendees actively engage. We will employ step forward/step back, all conversation is held in confidence, and this is a brave space- the content has potential to be triggering so I ask that you manage your needs for care. For safety and accessibility, anyone in a moving vehicle or public location will be removed, as will anyone engaging in disruptive behavior. The room will be closed 15 minutes after start time.

This event is minority centered and created for those who know systemic oppression is real, Sex Work is real work, and workers deserve rights. Zero tolerance list: policing of women's bodies, racism & classism, misogyny, manosphere ideology, any kind of queerphobia, rape culture, slut/body/kink shaming, and violence. Thanks for reading, and see y'all there!

I'm your facilitator, Jessie, HeYo! I've been working in human sexuality and behavior fields since 2005. In that time I've been fortunate to present for myriad conferences and special interest groups across the US, and teach everyone from primary teachers to military personnel. My professional qualifications include being certified as a Crisis Advocate, certified as a Coach in multiple modalities, and a wide spread of education which allows me to serve as a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Consultant (DE&I). I provide counsel as a nondenominational ordained minister. My background and specializations are in non-traditional family structures (i.e. ENM, non-nuclear cohabitation), human sexuality (i.e. non-monogamy, kink, queer matters), disability, neurodiversity, class, and Trauma. I am also a Ranger/Green Dot and Zendo trained.