Mask4Mask: Love & Connection in the Time of Covid

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Dating has always been about filtering for folks who will be a good fit. And while it can be frustrating or disheartening to see large numbers of people ruled out of the dating pool based on their lack of COVID-19 precautions - that can actually be a good thing. Because the people who end up making the cut are even more likely to be a good fit, and you’re able to find out sooner rather than later. 

Covid cautious educator duo Jess and Stella combine their personal experiences and passions with their professional expertise to empower folks to find sex & connection in the time of COVID-19. 

This 5-part series is meant to be experienced as a whole, and sessions 1 - 4 can be purchased ala carte if you want to attend one, but not all. 

Session #1: Tending Grief to Make Way for Pandemic Pleasure 

Sunday, October 29th from 4-6pm PST

There is so much to grieve. Anger, isolation, resentment, sadness—these emotions and many others are living in our bodies as we enter the fourth year of the COVID pandemic. And understanding how grief moves through the body is essential for finding ways to process those feelings. 

In this session we’ll introduce embodiment practices and writing prompts as tools for processing grief, and participants will learn how to create their own grief rituals, receive lists of ideas for how to care for themselves, and we’ll tackle the daunting task of learning to request care from others. 

Session participants will have the opportunity to share their own experiences, as well as the tools that have helped them along the way. Through this process, we’ll all have the opportunity to learn from each other, and feel less alone. 

Session #2: GGG COVID Style: Communication, COVID, & Consent

Sunday, November 5th from 4-6pm PST

Safer sex conversations have been a cornerstone of sexual education for decades, and now COVID conversations have entered the mix. While it might feel daunting to discuss COVID safety with friends and dates, applying the communication techniques that already work for difficult or awkward conversations can help. 

But before negotiating with anyone else, you need to get clear on your own risk tolerance and the mitigation tools that make you feel comfortable. Once you have that information, it’s time to script your safety needs conversation so you’ll feel ready when the moment comes. 

Being prepared for safety conversations also means having the tools to check in with yourself in the moment, process disappointment, and be prepared for trauma responses like fawn (people pleasing) or dissociation. 

Setting boundaries might not always be fun, but it gets easier with practice! 

Session #3: Going the Distance: Virtual & Solo Sexual Activity

Sunday, November 12th from 4-6pm PST

Could your solo sexual practice use some spicing up? Do you need some inspiration (and confidence) for dirty talk? From sexting to phone sex to video playtime, and yes, even old-fashioned love notes, there are many ways to build and maintain intimacy—from a distance. And these days it can be worth spending time getting to know someone in online spaces before making the jump to an in-person meetup. 

In this session, we’ll discuss everything from how to put fantasies into words, to ways to use toys and tech to make those fantasies come true. We’ll also cover ways to destigmatize masturbation and maximize pleasure so you can include self-love as a regular part of self-care.

Session #4: Bringing Sexy Back: Reducing Risk in Partnered Sex

Sunday, November 19th from 4-6pm PST

We’ve learned a lot about safety in the last three years, and now it’s time to apply that knowledge to practical matters, like sex & dating. From including COVID mitigations in safer sex conversations to choosing less risky date locations, it’s possible to mitigate risk while still making connections. 

Clear communication remains the best way to stay safe, so we’ll cover ways to set and maintain boundaries even in the face of scarcity and disappointment. 

Even with mitigations in place, COVID anxiety doesn’t necessarily go away. And that anxiety can affect the ways our bodies experience arousal and pleasure. From difficulty with erections to trouble staying present, we’ll discuss ways to find pleasure even when our brains are running a mile a minute. 

And yes, safer sex is sexy sex! We’ll talk about ways to eroticize masks and even address safety in threesomes and group sex, plus we’ll crowdsource more fun ideas from class attendees. 

Session #5: Putting it All Together: Wrap-Up and Q&A

Sunday, December 3rd from 4-6pm PST

It’s been two weeks since our last meeting, how are you doing? Have you had time to try anything we discussed in class? Have questions come up as you’ve tried integrating this information into your life?

Bring your questions and your celebrations to our last time together.

Important Details: 

Open to adults of all genders, orientations, and relationship configurations. 

Location: Zoom Room with Captions

Cost: We are offering this series on a sliding scale. 

Our series price is $140 with two sliding scale options, $100 or $60. If you are able to pay the full series price we ask that you consider doing that. If the lower cost options are more accessible to you at this time, we encourage your to use either of those options. 

We also have a $200 pay-it-forward option for folks who have the capacity to do so and want to support more folks attending at the lower price points. 

When you purchase the whole package the 5th session is free.

All sessions will be recorded and available for viewing later. *Any personal information shared by participants will be edited out of the shared recording.*

About the Facilitators: 

Stella Harris is a certified intimacy educator, professional coach, trained mediator, and published author focused on communication & relationships (and yes, sometimes that includes sex.)

Learn more about Stella and her books, Tongue Tied: Untangling Communication in Sex, Kink, and Relationships and The Ultimate Guide to Threesomes on her website,, or follow @stellaharriserotica on Instagram. 

Jess DeVries (she/her) is a Somatic Sex and Masturbation Coach who works with individuals interested in having a greater understanding of their body, needs, and desires; expanding their erotic know-how in ways that feel aligned with their pleasure and sexual values. 

When she is not thinking about how erotic empowerment will save the world, she likes to make soup, have her hands in dirt, and watch the birds fly across the Portland sky.

Learn more about Jess here:, or follow @BelovedCoaching on Instagram.