MeetQT before Queergasm

  • Hosted by Bonobo Network
  • Oakland, CA -
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MeetQT before Queergasm

Thursday March 23, 2023

7pm - 10pm

MeetQT is Queergasm’s social meetup, and it is a fantastic way for our queer non-monogamous community to get to know each other with our clothes on and in a low-pressure environment. 

This event is only for queer people. For our purposes, if you identify as queer, this meetup is for you. No one will be checking your queer card. You are queer enough. If you are questioning or exploring if you might be queer or fall somewhere under the LGBTQ+ umbrella, you are welcome.

This meetup is for all queer folks: those who are planning on attending an upcoming Queergasm party, those who are curious and considering attending, and for newbies just to meet our community. 

First time? Want to know what Queergasm and Bonobo Network is? Come on out, take a name tag, write out your pronouns, order some food and drinks, and get to know your community even better. Feeling shy? Don’t be afraid of these people, they are naughty in the nicest ways… Grab one of the hosts and we'll help you feel welcomed.

We will be meeting at Mad Oak Bar. A neighborhood bar in Oakland with lots of outdoor seating both roof top and ground floor.

Mad Oak Bar - 135 12TH STREET, OAKLAND, CA, 94607

Can't wait to see all your lovely faces!

COVID safety: Please discuss your risk factors with each other as it pertains to covid. Physical contact and close proximity with explicit consent. 

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