Men’s Conscious Sexuality Collective // Monthly Gathering [February]

This monthly gathering is for men looking to explore their pleasure potential, learn about conscious sexuality, and practice strategies for better relating.

The topic for February is PORN & SELF-PLEASURE. So many men struggle (or have struggled) with a ‘porn addiction…’ and yet, is that really an addiction?! What else is happening in your body, your sex, and your relationship that is driving this behavior? In this gathering, we’ll explore some of the reasons why you might choose to be more conscious of your porn use, and how you can learn to explore your sexuality with (and without) visual stimulation. I am not anti-porn, nor will I use this time to try to convince you that porn is bad. However, as a holistic Pleasure Coach, I want to offer you tools to better understand your desire, pleasure, sensation, and sex. 💕

This collective is organized and hosted by Andrea Bertoli, a men’s Sexuality Coach and Sex Educator, in service of healing and growth. Each month, I will lead a discussion on a chosen topic, and the remaining time will be open for the attendees to reflect and process what they learned, share their experiences, and ask questions. You are welcome to attend monthly, or join us only once. 

My vision is that our work together is part learning session and part men’s circle for sharing of group wisdom and experience. Leading this group is a community service / love offering to the world, so there is no fee for attending (however, for those that feel inspired, I’ll provide donation options in the session).

Here are a few new guidelines for our men’s group:

  1. We meet online via Zoom.
  2. You must be on time. After 10 minutes I will not let anyone else into the group. You are welcome to leave at any time, but you won’t be able to rejoin. 
  3. You must have video on for our session. Whether you join for one session or many, your presence is important, and having a face allows us to feel more connected across the ether. You are welcome to go video off for short periods (ie: bio breaks or to answer the phone) but please plan to have your video on for the whole session.
  4. My emails often go to spam because these topics are deliciously naughty. Look for emails from me and Universe (the ticketing platform). 
  5. My intention is to create a safe(r) space for all men: this means that I’ll do my best to moderate and set the stage for kindness, respect, and openness, and that no hateful or disparaging comments are welcome. I am queer/kinky/poly/ENM/trans-loving and affirming, and I hope you are too. If you are rude, disrespectful, or hateful, I will remove you and you will not be allowed back into the circle, ever.

As our group grows, it may evolve and change, including guest speakers and experts. Join us once or every month to learn, grow, expand, share, and share space with other men to see… what might come up for you 🤭

This class is for anyone that identifies as a man; if you don’t identify as a man, please see other events here to find one that’s a better fit.


Meet your Teacher 🌺

Andrea Bertoli is a Pleasure Coach and Sex Educator based in Honolulu, Hawaii. In workshops, classes, and coaching, she works with men and couples to help improve intimate communication, deeply explore desires, and practice sensual connection in a grounded, holistic way. Her approach helps people rethink sex and pleasure using tools from Tantra, mindfulness, and yoga. She is certified as a practitioner of Urban Tantra, a certified Sex Educator, and have a Master’s degree in Gender Studies from University of Hawaii at Manoa. Learn more on her website or follow Instagram // @vibrantwellness and TikTok // @sexcoachandrea.


Cost: FREE