Men's Naked Chakra Flow

Shed your ego and find balance in your mind, body, and spirit.

Naked Yoga is empowering and is free from the layer of ego and superficiality that is our clothing — it evens out the playing field.

There's something incredibly special about sharing the experience of naked yoga with a group of like-minded and loving individuals in a safe container. In our classes, people of all ages, shapes, and backgrounds come together to celebrate what their bodies can do and the beauty of our natural human form.

In this class, we will explore spiritual concepts and their relation to the physical form. We will flow through a combination of Sun Salutations, standing postures, and balancing poses as we build heat, strength, and flexibility in the body. This class is an intermediate level class with options that bring more challenge or more ease depending on your experience. After building up heat, we'll end each class with deep restorative stretches and a well earned savasana.

*Bring a towel, bottled water, yoga mat and any props that support your practice.

*This is an intermediate level class, beginner's are welcome!

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