Metamour Mingle

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Come mingle with your metas!

#MetamourDay2024 is fast approaching and Anna and Serena invite you out for a night of lightly facilitated fun and connection at one of our favorite community spots, District.

Bring and celebrate your metamours. Come solo and find camaraderie with others navigating metamour relationships.

~~~ metamours: those who love the ones we love ~~~

Beyond paramour (love) relationships, metamour (EXTRA-love) relationships really represent a vast range of connections that may be far broader than some of our go-to polyamours definitions of metamours. Metamour bonds may represent a lot of the glue that holds our families and communities together through activities of collective care, mutuality, sovereignty, and respect.

We'll have a self-guided small group game, a card-making station, and a whole-group sidequest to keep things playful and interactive. But the real magic is simply all of us gathering to celebrate this day.


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