Mindful Erotic Grief - July 10th

Grief is embodied and pleasure is embodied.

You’re invited to a communal practice where we set our intentions on turning toward our individual mourning, welcoming erotic knowing, and holding space for one another's grief.

Using the wisdom of our pleasure we can open up pathways for our grief to shift and move. And witnessing the grief of one another - in intentional space - creates a sacred balm to metabolize the pain of our collective losses.

What to Expect: 

We will begin with a welcome and opening of our time together. You are invited to have your camera on or off, whatever is comfortable for you. I will guide folks into a meditation that will touch on grief. We will have time to share (or not) what we noticed about our grief before going into a time of mindful erotic practice. 

During the mindful erotic practice, cameras and mics will be off for everyone. There will be a ~40 minute playlist to support the experience. It is a self guided time to tune into what your body needs with regard to metabolizing your grief. The guiding force is pleasure and following your own yes and no. There is no right or wrong way to spend the time. We are simply setting aside time to tend to our grief within the container of community. 

Once the mindful erotic practice is over we will come back together with cameras on (or off) and you have the opportunity to share (or not) and witness the reflections of others. 


Open to adults 18+ of all genders. 

Location: Zoom Room with captions

12 spots available for each gathering.

Registration closes 1 hour before we gather.

Suggested Donation: $5-$15

Please pay via one of these methods. 

(Venmo: @BelovedCoaching) (

NOTAFLOF (no one turned away for lack of funds)

What Folks Are Saying: 

"I attended a few of Jess's Mindful Erotic Grief Workshops & every time I found myself feeling seen & tenderly held in the space she created, regardless of how I showed up or what I chose to share with the group. There was a lot of permission, care & I felt safe to be as I was. I found myself surprised (& very grateful) at how her simple guided embodiment practice helped me tap into the roots of some stuck grief through my body in the very first workshop. It helped open a well for me & it did so in a way that felt really easeful & nurturing. 

I felt like I got to tap into those emotions & let them move at my own pace and it really supported me in feeling a deeper sense of compassion & awareness for my own grieving process. I appreciated the option of being witnessed or sharing about it with the group & the level of privacy. I believe many of us in western cultures are spiritually starving for spaces to collectively feel grief & allow it to move through us. I highly recommend Jess's workshop & grief work for anyone curious about connecting with their grief & pleasure in a trauma-informed container."


*. * *. *. *

"I participated in March & it helped me realize/name/acknowledge the grief from a big change in my life.

Since the word "erotic" was in the title, I was ready for anything! Then I discovered the experience could be anything that I needed it to be, which resulted in an experience that was nourishing, ease-ful, & supportive."

- MB