mindful sensuality through blindfolded dancing: easeful courage

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This is a queer gender non conforming poc centered space, all are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Sightless practice is a mindful blindfolded dance practice. Through the practice we will learn to get in touch with our body and learn to find pleasantness in movement. Through blindfolded dance we will learn to set and listen to boundaries communicated non verbally and let go of our assumptions we make of others.

This practice helps us build our relationship with our unconscious body that powers our beliefs and thus changing the way we move through the world.

Each session will have a different theme, letting us explore different parts of our body and our relationship to space and others.

This month's theme is "easeful courage". Building on last months theme of precipice of light, once we enter that space of acceptance, and perhaps taking that next step. How do we keep moving forward, how do we walk the path not just cross the precipice, how do we with every step move with intention and presence.

The illustrious Bianca Martone will be curating our sound for us this month.

Past themes (with a link to the playlist used) have been "spring", "the road", "home", "undefined beauty", and "in and through"

7:00pm - Doors Open - stretching, casual socializing

7:20pm - Doors Close

60 min of building safety, body awareness, and communal awareness

60 min of blindfolded dance with Ryan, sounds by jilly

30 min of processing, sharing, and closing of circle

10:00pm - Leave Space

Minimum donation of $10 to reserve your spot. The suggested donation is $35, if this price is not sustainable for you please message me privately for a discounted/free ticket, no one will be excluded due to price.

Tickets available at door, sign up for the mailing list to get the address:

This practice is derived originally from an Indonesian interfaith spiritual movement called subud that was created in the 1920s. Originally separated by gender and usually without music. It focused on being connected to god and letting the body be moved by god. It was then adapted by Osho as a mindfulness practice, adding music and making it a solo experience, then by Laurie Handlers, a western tantra practitioner, as a sensuality and desire practice, adding blindfolds, mixing genders and adding non verbal consent practices. We tone down on the sensuality and emphasize boundaries and playfulness. Through these boundaries we can explore our inner world deeper together, and through playfulness we can rewrite the assumptions we have made of our internal and external world.

Feel free to invite friends you trust that can maintain the intentions of the space. If they are required to leave the event you will be too.

If you have experienced PTSD or dysmorphia you may re-experience it during this workshop. This practice can help moving through some of those feelings, but if you do not have the space to process it during and afterwards, this practice may not be for you at this moment.

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Hit Me Up Loft

Chinatown, NY

Safer space policy

We do not tolerate harassment, unwanted touch, homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, or other discriminatory behavior. This is a very tricky boundary to walk in a space that focuses on touch, if you are uncomfortable at any time you can raise your hand and a space holder will come assist you.

About Ryan Ong

Ryan is a queer gender agnostic chinese new yorker, a lifelong dancer and a casual meditation and mindfulness practitioner for 15 years. They have been practicing sightless practice for 3 years and facilitating for 4. They have taken facilitation classes on meditation, de-escalation, non violent communication, survivor support, harm reduction, and motivational interviewing. They are currently members of "not a sex party" and "body language" community safety councils.

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