Mindfulness & Nature Hike & Discussion

  • Oakland, CA -


Let’s get out in nature and simultaneously exercise our minds, bodies, and spirits!

These small group hikes are for anyone interested in learning from observing nature, both outwardly and inwardly, getting moderate-intensity exercise in an intellectually stimulating setting, and meeting others also interested in natural history and mindfulness.

Each week we will meet outdoors at a selected trail in the East Bay, practice gentle standing or seated warm-ups inspired by Yoga, Qi Gong, Intuitive Movements and then depart on a at-our-own-pace hike to observe and learn from the plants, animals, fungi, geology, and hydrology of the landscape.

Our group may climb some tough hills, but we will also pause frequently to share in noticing the natural world around us.

Scientific information and interpretation will be provided by our hike Guide, and after completing our loop or out-and-back route, we’ll wrap up with some additional post-hike stretches and movements as well as sharing what we each explored and experienced internally during our shared time on the trail.

Hike usually takes 2 to 2.5 hours, but I’ve set aside 3 just in case we want to move a little slower.

* Not an EMN-exclusive event.

* A social make-new-friends event, not necessarily somewhere you’ll find a date (though one never knows!)

* Not a free event. Cost is $10, please Venmo or Cashapp hike guide @Tea4PE or bring cash day of

* Please sign waiver at start of event!

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