Monthly Roundtable for Polyamory/Non-Monogamy

Join the Downtown Brooklyn Roundtable for Polyamory/Non-monogamy on June 20, at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture ( - 269 4th Avenue, between Garfield and 1st Street (Brooklyn). This event recurs on the Third Thursday of every month.

This month's topic is and oldie but a goodie: Jealousy and Compersion (typically defined as the joy in seeing your partner happy with others) within polyamorous relationships. We will discuss personal definitions of these emotions, common triggers of jealousy, and effective ways to handle it. We’ll also share moments when we've felt genuine happiness for our partner’s other relationships, how our experiences with these emotions vary with different partners, and how societal norms around monogamy affect us. Participants may share significant lessons they have learned about jealousy and compersion on their polyamorous journeys.

A couple of important reminders:

  • We kindly ask for a suggested $10 donation to help us cover room rental
  • We can bring food/drinks to share (yay!), but please keep in mind the event is still centered on the discussion vs. being a potluck

The Poly Roundtable is a discussion-centered community gathering for those who want to learn about and share experiences/perspectives on topics related to non-monogamy and polyamory. This includes newcomers to poly, long-time practitioners, and those just testing the waters. Folks get a chance to make new friends, learn from each other, share their unique stories and exchange insights that can support successful and healthy non-monogamous relationships. We hope you can join us to contribute, learn, or both!

Approximate Timeline:

• Doors Open - 7 PM

• 7-7:30 - Arrive, get your name tags, say hi, place your drinks/snacks on the table

• 7:30-9 - Group discussion

• 9-10 - Mingle and socialize (and help us clean up the space ;)

PLEASE NOTE: This meetup is about creating a safe space for sharing ideas and experiences and having productive and compassionate discussions with old and new friends. It is not a cruising or pickup event, so please do not come with those expectations or intentions as they can make folks uncomfortable and feel unsafe. Help us keep this a safe and supportive space!

Our group values ethics, inclusion, growth and compassion as a means to support each of our unique journeys in developing non-traditional relationships. Please be prepared to bring those values, along with an awareness of the fundamental importance of consent and a respect for all others if you attend our events.

We look forward to welcoming everyone interested or curious about non-monogamy and polyamory :) See you at our new space, the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture (269 4th Avenue, between Garfield and 1st Street)!

In Community,

~Clara and Andrew