Music Within - A Multisensory Pleasure Ceremony + Delicious Dinner

Music Within - A Multisensory Pleasure Ceremony + Delicious Dinner

Indulge in an extraordinary sensory experience! Have you ever attended a concert where the music resonates deeply within you, pulsating through your entire being? Now, envision that sensation actually vibrating INSIDE you, intertwining with the exquisite power of erotic pleasure.

Step into a unique and transformative communal gathering, where you'll embark on a journey of intentional pleasure. Immerse yourself in the harmonious waves of musical vibrations while indulging in self-pleasure on your own nest. Surrounded by others on their own personal journey, this event promises a fusion of musical ecstasy and sensual delight—an extraordinary blend of connection, liberation, and self-discovery.

Limited space! We ONLY have 16 spots.

Come explore a powerful new form of multisensory pleasure! You already know that music can touch your soul… now it can touch your juicy bits, too. Be one of the first to experience prototypes of a new insertable sexual health and wellness device that creates music-driven physical sensation in and on your body. Part sex toy, part music player, the device translates sound into perfectly-synchronized powerful vibration. Feel kick drums being kicked. Feel bass guitars being plucked. And feel the difference between the two! Simultaneously hearing and feeling music generates new forms of pleasure that might very well represent a previously-unexplored form of human sexual response. It’s unlike any other sexual product on the market and isn’t yet available for sale.

To be even more explicit and clear :) The musical-driven insertable can be inserted in your front orifice (if you have one) or your rear orifice.

Things to Note:

  • This is a substance free event.
  • The prototype device uses some latex in its construction. Folks with latex sensitivities have enjoyed using it with no issues. But due to the presence of trace contamination, we aren’t able to work around “severe” latex allergies (such as: can’t be in the same room as a latex balloon). Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about this -
  • All participants will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement covering the device’s patent-pending technology.

Flow for our evening:

5:00 - Arrive and mingle

5:30 - Doors lock

5:30-6:30 - Opening circle - Grounding, intention setting, learning and practice round with the music-driven insertable

6:45-7:45 - Reverent self-pleasure ceremony with the music-driven insertable

7:45-8:15 - Closing circle - harvesting our experiences together

8:15-9:30 - Dinner, integrating and cuddling.

Dinner Provided:

Seasonal vegetable coconut curry with lemony rice, greens and seeds salad, pink hummus with carrot julienne.

Facilitated by:

Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates

Michael Weiss-Malik (Inventor/Founder)

Elizabeth Dell (Cofounder)

What others are saying about this Music-driven pleasure insertable:

“Profound, deep, playful, healing. It was like putting music inside you and riding it. Like a drug experience without drugs.”

“It's like the bassist in the band is playing your insides. It's epic.”

“In the same way that "Fantasia" uses visual experience to help the viewer tune into a deeper listening of a piece of music, this device gives the user an exquisitely rich and detailed physical experience to help the user more deeply focus on and hear a piece of music.”

“It brought together everything I love about dance and pleasure into one holistic and more full experience.”

“It's immersive. It's like getting fucked by the beat, the rhythm is going to get you very turned on.”

“Imagine going to a concert with the best sound system in the market. Tune in to what the bottom of your feet would feel in connection to the bass of the music. That's the experience your most sacred spots will feel, internally.”

“Imagine a vibrator that pulses to the beat of music. Fun, different, very very enjoyable, a wild trip depending on the song.”

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