Naked Bike Ride Body Painting Party

Naked Bike Ride Body Painting Party

A guest has asked if people might be willing to paint him before he takes off on his bicycle during the 2023 Portland Naked Bike Ride. 

Perhaps there are other Naked Bike Riders who would like to be painted... and people happy to be artists on those human canvases. If so, let's have a pre-ride body painting party!



4pm - 8pm

Bring skin-safe paints or whatever it is that people decorate their skin with during this famous celebration of bicycling and bodies.

There will be free healthy snacks

Non-alcoholic beverages are available for $1

Enjoy conversation-level music, an eclectic 18+ alcohol-free environment, and socializing with interesting people who are body-positive whether they ride, paint, or both. Temperatures are expected in the low 80s, so undress appropriately. There will be many fans throughout the club to help keep the climate comfortable. 

This is NOT a play party. Nonetheless, consent and respectful behavior are mandatory.

Space for bikes is available with a designated attendant to keep an eye on them.


Catalyst is a sex-positive, gender-affirming, IAA+ safe space. Please respect the pronouns and gender identities of others. The space is wheelchair-accessible and ADA-compliant.

The entrance is off the alley behind the 7-11 and through the ornate green security gate. If there is no gate attendant, ring the bell to the left of the gate.


Catalyst Attendance Covid Policy

Masks are recommended, but not required.

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