Naked Chakra Yin Yoga

  • Hosted by Yin Solutions
  • Carlsbad, CA -

Naked Chakra Yin Yoga Class

Experience the profound depths of chakra exploration with our Naked Chakra Yin Yoga event!

Embrace a truly transformative yoga practice that delves into the ancient wisdom of Yin Yoga focusing on the chakra system to unlock a new level of connection between your body, mind, and spirit.

Discover the power of chakras, the energy centers that reside along the spine. With seven distinct chakras, each corresponding to a specific area of the body that may have stagnant energy causing physical or emotional discomfort.

Yin yoga allows us to unite our mind, body, and soul in a meditative manner. By holding poses for longer durations, we transcend the limitations of muscular engagement and delve deep into the connective tissue and fascia. This gentle yet profound approach fosters enhanced flexibility, stress relief, and a multitude of other benefits.

In contrast to yang yoga styles, yin yoga encourages longer poses predominantly performed while seated or lying down. Utilizing props for support, we create a restorative environment that allows your physical body to relax deeply or reach new heights of achievement.

While being naked is optional, it embodies an edgy and courageous expression of self. Vulnerability is inherent in yoga, but once you push past any judgments or insecurities, you will discover a profound sense of freedom within your own body. Experience the liberation that comes from shedding societal expectations and embracing your authentic self.

To ensure your comfort during the class, please bring a yoga mat, two blocks (if available), a water bottle, and a journal to document your personal journey.

Elevate your yoga practice to new heights and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Join us for the Naked Chakra Yin Yoga class and experience the harmonious fusion of body, mind, and spirit.

*This class is 420/clothing optional.

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About your instructor Ronna Kirkland:

Ronna, began her movement experience as a 1 month preemie in her incubator crawling from one end to the other. Unheard of behavior the preemie team needed to restrain her. As a toddler she’d watch cartoons upside down with her feet on the couch. When she began endlessly jumping on the bed, her parents preemptively purchased her a trampoline.

Ronna continued to train herself to eventually become an Olympic hopeful at the age of 10 and a competitive gymnast. As a young adult, her explorer emerged as she traveled the country performing exotic, go-go and burlesque dancing.

Decades before its popularity, Ronna taught the art of exotic dance to hundreds of students, improving relationships and building women’s self-esteem!

As a “grown up” as she now calls herself, she uses massage, yoga, dance, chakras, tantra and professional cuddling to heal her and other bodies from injury and stress.

Her purpose is to teach others as she guides you through poses and movements to open chakras and move stuck energy inside the emotional and physical body to maintain a well-balanced soul.

Cost: $30 each

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