Naked Ecstatic Dance

  • Hosted by Major Tom
  • Poway, CA -
  • 10 people on the list-

Greetings Beautiful Dancers!

You have been invited to NAKED ECSTATIC DANCE!

This is clothing optional, body-positive, full of love, and ecstatic expression! Come bare your soul AND your inner animal during the jungle house 5RHYTHMS journey! Allow this movement practice to be a meditation or a release!

Come together for Major's 5th Naked Ecstatic Dance in DC. Originated in Austin Texas, this is a joyful experience you don't want to miss!

Join us and allow your body to be free and be witnessed in your wholeness.

The intention is to invoke our full expression. Whether that is primal, joy or whatever comes up; release and allow the body to be expressed.

Love Exchange 35$

Please RSVP here to save your space:

Or venmo: @majrtom SDDANCE First and Last name

Please RSVP here to save your space:

Warm Up starts at 11 am

A Landing Circle starts at 11:15 am

Wave starts at 11:30 am

Basic Guidelines:

No talking too close to those in their dance experience.


Wear what makes you feel comfortable, playful. Let your inner Animal shine.

No heavy drug use and no display of sxxuality. Sensuality is okay.

No body-shaming, specifically genitals.

Consent to touch or comment on bodies, this is a brave space, let's make it safe together.

Please no recording or photos.

Wellbeing and Safety:

We love to dance and we need to be safe too. By taking part in the dance you acknowledge responsibility for your own safety. Be aware of your surroundings and your impact on others. This is a body-positive gathering, NO body shaming of any kind is tolerated. STAY HYDRATED, being water and possible snacks.

Come witness and be seen in full primal ecstasy!

đź’™Love and gratitudeđź’™

Come out and play again and again!


Major is an intimacy coach/facilitator at, Co-founder of Temple Of Hedonism and Co-Producer of

Trained as an authentic relating facilitator, he utilizes Integral Theory to create exercises in different practices acting, movement and intimacy. My innovation and penchant for levity creates a brave experiential container for people to blossom open, and deepen the relationship to self and others. Authentic Relating Games allow you to intimately know yourself and create a space for decentralized processing.

His intention is to show up authentically to create safety and permission for others to show up fully. My containers are for deep intimacy and growth. I believe when we locate and push against our edges, that is where the growth can happen.

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